Commercial Services

Commercial properties come with their own inherent set of complex management issues; time consuming, confusing, and essential to the smooth operation of your overall business presence. Let Commonwealth Real Estate Services (CRES) help you by being your support network. With our experienced leadership team of associates taking the load off your desk, we make you look like the professional business owner you are.

Commonwealth helps you manage:

Call Commonwealth today and let us begin to shift the burdens of daily management off you and onto us.

  • Financial oversight
  • Marketing Programs Designed to Fill Open Leasing Sites
  • Informative Newsletters
  • Regular Monitoring of Legislative issues and Updates to Owners
  • Making New Legislation that Benefits Our Investment Property Owners
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Professional Partnerships
  • Abandonment Proceeding Services

Our mission statement guides our every decision and provides important direction for all our activities.