Resident Services

We are grateful to have you as part of the Commonwealth community and strive to provide services of value to you, our valued resident. Let us be of service to you!

Commonwealth Real Estate Services:

  • Enhanced Property Values
  • Home and Apartment Improvement and Decorating Tips
  • Provide Quiet and Peaceful Enjoyment of the Premises for all Residents.
  • Fire Prevention and CPR Training (in select areas)
  • Building and Promoting Community
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Professional Management
  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Community Events
  • Community Alerts
  • Home Maintenance and Safety Tips
  • No Solicitation Policies

Commonwealth Homeowner Services:

  • List and Sell Resident Manufactured Homes
  • Closing Paperwork and Title Transfer Done by CHS Sales Team
  • Strategic and Dynamic Print, Digital and Media Marketing
  • Community Manager Serves As Your Onsite Agent
  • Home Relocation Services
  • Home Replacement Services
  • Home Upkeep and Enhancement Tips and Ideas

Our mission statement guides our every decision and provides important direction for all our activities.

"To maintain and improve the integrity, viability, and profitability of the clients’ asset providing the client the security, confidence, and freedom to explore other important aspects of their life. We will be respectful, fair, and honest to residents while also being innovative, fiscally responsible, and diligent for our owners."