Committees Commonwealth

Committees meet regularly to build new procedures, keep our residents and employees safe, and reach out to our communities.


The Commonwealth Forms Committee is dedicated to reviewing, updating and distributing forms for our community managers to use for the day-to-day operations of your communities.  We do our best to keep up on all the industry changes and to make sure those changes are reflected in our forms.  We have also made almost every single form an editable PDF form which eases our ability to quickly get forms to managers and makes them as easy as pie to fill out.  We have a form for just about everything and are able to make them available to community managers through an employee portal via our website.  Have an idea or suggestion for a form? Email us at and we'll work to incorporate it!


The Commonwealth Safety Committee is comprised of community managers and corporate team members. The committee meets monthly to review community safety and accident reports, conduct community safety visits and inspections, disseminate state, national and company safety updates, procedure changes, and helpful safety tips. The Commonwealth safety team works with our executive administration to create new company policies and procedures that adapt to the needs of our employees and residents safety needs. They are also proactive in creating print and digital safety material instrumental in getting safety information out to our communities and residents.  The safety team is very diligent and committed to providing a safe work and living environment for all Commonwealth community team members, employees and residents alike. Have an idea or suggestion for the Safety Committee? Email us at

Community Outreach

Commonwealth Real Estate Services has a long history of community outreach and charitable support. As Commonwealth's commitment and outreach efforts grew the need for an organization committee grew as well. In 2014, the Commonwealth Community Outreach Committee (CCOC) was formed with the mission to "enrich and support positive growth in Commonwealth managed communities, local communities and our global community". The CCOC team organizes annual fundraisers, goods and service drives, employee volunteer opportunities, and fun-run participation events. The CCOC team is responsible for managing and dispersing the annual donations that Commonwealth Real Estates Services funds, as well as raising additional funds and awareness through community picnics, and inner-office fundraising events and games. If you would like to work with the Commonwealth Community Outreach Committee, email us at