Commonwealth University

Commonwealth University is Commonwealth Real Estate Services manager training program, providing comprehensive training for today's community manager. We prepare them for the unique challenges that managing a multi-family community entails.


Commonwealth University offers monthly, comprehensive community manager trainings. 

Our three-part training courses give community managers the tools they need to successfully manage the community according to state laws and Commonwealth Real Estate Services' standards. 

These trainings are also open to non-Commonwealth employed community managers, some material is Commonwealth Real Estate Services' procedure specific, but the majority of the material is extremely beneficial for all community managers managing multi-family communities.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to enroll in one of our trainings.


Covered in our comprehensive three-part manager training:

  • In-depth Accounting Training
  • Customer Service
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Landlord/Tenant Law
  • Fair Housing
  • Rental Screening, Applications
  • Legal Notices
  • Electronic Fillable Forms
  • Rent Collection
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Property Enhancement/Curb Appeal
  • Property Newsletters
  • Certificates of Course Completion to Ensure Readiness




Commonwealth University puts on annual training seminars specially catered to community managers and owners of multi-family communities with an emphasis on issues specifically relating to manufactured home communities.

The annual trainings happen February of each year and take place in Tacoma, Washington and Salem, Oregon. If you are interested in more information on these seminars or attending an upcoming seminar please contact us. 

Past Training Topics

  • Rule Enforcement
  • Fair Housing
  • Customer Service
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Legal Q&A
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues and Legal Discussion
  • Safety Issues and Tips
  • Home Sale Services and Marketing Tips
  • Fill That Space


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2017 Commonwealth University Flier

"To maintain and improve the integrity, viability, and profitability of the clients’ asset providing the client the security, confidence, and freedom to explore other important aspects of their life. We will be respectful, fair, and honest to residents while also being innovative, fiscally responsible, and diligent for our owners."


In accordance with our mission statement, we offer our clients a broad spectrum of services from complete property management, including payroll, as well as consulting services only. We also offer a variety of services to our residents through our affiliate, Commonwealth Homeowner Services, Inc. (CHS) A few of our services include:

  • Manufactured Home Communities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Floating Home Communities
  • Apartment Buildings

Commonwealth’s property management and brokerage operations have developed a reputation for professionalism and unsurpassed knowledge in all facets of real estate management. We have a demonstrated commitment to the industry’s professional associations, and consistently participate in their various programs and events. Commonwealth supports, is affiliated with, and/or participates in the following associations:


The Commonwealth team is an active participant in the legislative arenas of both Washington and Oregon through our Associations and Coalitions. Commonwealth Real Estate Services (CRES) is a recognized leader in the continuing struggle to maintain the legal rights of property owners.